Who We Are

Forever I do Magazine is dedicated to celebrate and promote local Weddings in Moray, Nairn, Inverness, Aberdeen-shire and environs. Our aim is to project local communities by informing readers about the latest trends and cultures of weddings while showcasing some of Scotland’s most romantic cities and beautiful wedding venues, the best that have been unknown to many people and why these communities are places uniquely situated to offer an unforgettable wedding experience.

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Feedback From Our Readers

I’d like to thank Segun and his team, for doing a great job with our wedding photos! I was at first, very apprehensive about giving photo’s for a magazine, but I’m glad I did, it was showcased well and gave credit to those who made our day wonderful, to my makeup artist and hairdresser and to my very good photographer also! I’d recommend anyone who was thinking about showcasing their wedding, to do it, you only get that day once and you might as well make the most of it, it’s a memoir at the end of the day! So thanks again to Forever I Do

Mary-Jane Anderson

Forever I Do guys thank you for this, when I picked it up in Sainsbury I thought it was one of this gossip magazines, I was amazed to see that it is a local magazine, keep it up.

Rowland Ogieve

My daughter will be getting married later this year, and its nice to know that magazines is not all for celebrities, we can proudly showcase our own too.

Anna Riddell

I showed this to my sister and she was quite impressed, what else can i say, keep up the good job.

Mathew Reece

I was suprised to see this in Tesco, this is something we should all be proud of and support, there is still room for improvement though, I suppose being the first edition its always like that, I look forward to your next edition. Thank you Forever I Do

Nat Moore

It’s good to see something that projects our community, good job to all the team.

Isaac John